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Dear Patients and Physicians,
The Sleep Institute of San Antonio, P.A., an American Academy of Sleep Medicine Accredited Member Center, opened it's doors to the greater San Antonio area in January of 2002 with a mission to provide state of the art evaluation and treatment for patients with
sleep-related disorders.

Medical Director Dr. Rafael Santiago, a staple in the medical community as a pulmonologist and critical care specialist, built the Sleep Institute of San Antonio under the standards of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Under his guidance, the Sleep Institute has become the standard bearer for Sleep Centers in South Texas.

SISA's commitment to providing timely delivered, accurate, human-scored sleep studies sets it apart from other alternatives. SISA's technical staff is well-trained, closely supervised, and consistently recieve positive feedback from patients in our post-study survey's.

Each individual sleep study is personally reviewed by Dr. Rafael M. Santiago, Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine, prior to the rendering of a final interpretation. When a study is reviewed properly, it is a time consuming process. Our biggest priority lies not in processing a computer scored report in under 24hrs, but in assuring that the technical reliability of each study, the scoring, and the final interpretation is of the highest accuracy and reliability to allow for the utmost quality of clinical decision making.

In addition to the evaluation and treatment of Breathing-Related Sleep Disorders, our institution provides consultative and treatment services for patients suffering from other sleep disorders such as Narcolepsy, Insomnia, Shift Work Sleep Disorder, Parasomnia, Periodic Limb Movements, Restless Legs, and others.

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Breathe Right, Sleep Well, and Feel Great!